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Positive Discipline Workshop

What is the difference between discipline and punishment?

How do young children learn self-control, self-help, ways to get along with others, and family and school expectations

We will discuss setting limits, encouraging desired behaviors, and offering praise and support.

Learning about disciplining in a positive way encourages children to grow and learn in a safe, loving environment.

Please join us to discuss Positive Discipline as we present this Free program for parents of children newborn-5 years of age in room 123 at Keller Junior High School 820 Bode Road on Wednesday October 4th from 4:30pm -6:00pm

Children are welcome!

Please contact any of the three Parent Educators with questions:

Dayna Prochaska 847-230-1910

Erin Wolaver 847-230-1903 (habla espanol)

Jennifer Weisler 847-230-1904


Click here for Positive Discipline- Spanish

Click here for Positive Discipline- English