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January Speech Newsletter

Communication is so important and it provides us with a means for teaching our kids a great deal of information. Having conversations (verbal or signing) with your child helps him/her expand their vocabulary and learn how to put words together to communicate ideas. The ELC theme for January is “Community.“ Below are some topics you can discuss with your child to encourage use of the January vocabulary words. Have fun communicating with your child!

Help your child send a letter to a family member

Explain the steps to mailing a letter…

1.Write a letter/draw a picture

2.Put it in an envelope

3.Address the envelope

4.Put on a stamp

5.Put the envelope in the mailbox or go to the post office to mail the letter

…& complete these steps with your child.

  • Talk about who delivers the mail.
  • Help your child check your mailbox for new mail and discuss what you find.
  • Who delivered the mail?
  • Who is the mail from? How do you know?

If you or your child have a doctor/dentist appointment in January discuss the visit.

  • Who are you going to see?
  • What does a doctor/dentist do?
  • Where does he/she work?
  • Why do you go to the doctor/dentist?
  • What might happen during the appointment?/What tools might the doctor/dentist use

Go with your child to the library

  • What do you do at the library?
  • Who works at the library?
  • What does the librarian do?