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ELC Halloween

With Halloween right around the corner, we’ve already had some questions in regards to our Halloween parade and costumes.  The ELC’s Halloween celebration will take place on Thursday, October 31st.  Students should come dressed in their costumes to school that day.  Our student parade will begin in the building at 8:15 am for our morning session and 11:45 pm for our afternoon session. Weather permitting, we will parade outside of the building as well for parents.  Parents are welcome to observe the parade from outside, and student dismissal is at our usual Thursday times.

Halloween is a fun and special time of year for many children.  In order to ensure the safety and well-being of all of our children, please keep in mind the following considerations:

  • Students should come dressed in their costumes for the day so please make sure they are safe to travel and move in whether walking or riding the bus
  • All costumes must be school appropriate
  • Weapons and ‘look alike’ weapons are prohibited
  • Please refrain from costumes that depict violence (no fake blood or gore)
  • No excessive makeup should be worn to school
  • Be certain your child can see through his/her mask

We appreciate your support in following these guidelines so Halloween is enjoyable for all.