September 4, 2020

Please take some time to review the information below on how to log your child into Zoom and how to access the Google Slide Deck that will be shared by your child’s teacher daily.  

  • Please watch this video ELC Zoom- Logging in to understand how to connect to our learning sessions.
  • Be on the lookout for a daily email from your child’s teacher with information you will need for each day of learning.
  • If you need support with logging in please reach out to your child’s teacher or contact [email protected]
  • Our  D54 Virtual Learning Website  has been created for families and includes great technology tutorials to help you and your family!

As we begin Virtual learning, one important request we are making of our parents at this time is to please not record Zoom/Google Meet sessions or take photographs of students in your child’s class during Zoom/Google Meet sessions.  This request is made out of respect for the privacy of the other students in your child’s class.  If you have specific questions or concerns regarding this, please contact our principal, Ms. Carrie.