Pick-Up & Drop-Off Procedures

Parent Pick-Up and Drop-Off

  • Off Schaumburg Road, please make the first available left into the parking lot. 
  • Proceed and park in the parent parking lot. If there is not a spot available, please continue to loop around until there is one available. 
  • Walk your child to the orange cone signs (near Door #5). Staff will be there to support and bring your child into the building. 
  • Please exit by making a right out of the parent parking lot and proceed with caution turning right onto Schaumburg Rd.

At dismissal follow the same procedures by parking in the parent parking lot and walking up to the pick-up/drop-off area outside Door #5. A staff member will bring your child outside to you. All people picking up must show an ID and be listed in Infinite Campus Parent Portal.


Office Visits and Late Referrals

  • Late arrivals are considered students arriving after 7:45 AM or 11:30 AM (11:15 on Wednesdays). 
  • Off Schaumburg Road, please pass the first parking lot on the left and the bus lane and turn left into the next available parking lot. 
  • Proceed and park in the parent parking for office spots. 
  • Walk your child(ren) to Door #1 and press the button to be buzzed into the office.
  • If your child is arriving late to school or if you are picking your child up early, you must come into the office area to sign your child in or out. 


Bus Lane

  • Please do not enter the bus lane under any circumstances.