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Happy Summer!

Happy Summer! We will miss our Kinderbound students and those not returning to the ELC in the fall but know they will be successful as they move on. For those of you returning to the ELC we look forward to seeing you in August! Each of our students have made great gains and that is a result of our family/ELC staff partnerships! We so appreciate your support.

Water Day Cancelled

Water day has been cancelled due to the muddy conditions in our sensory garden. Instead, we will be dressing up in Wacky Wardrobes. We look forward to seeing the kids in their silliest clothes!

Butterfly Exploration

Room 101 learned about butterflies during the month of May.  Caterpillars arrived and we observed them grow into fat caterpillars as they ate the leaf mulch at the bottom of the container.   Children used magnifying glasses to observe the changes and were so excited to see them change into chrysalis’.  As they started to emerge from their chrysalis’ and become butterflies, student compared the real butterflies to the plastic one.  They spent a day drawing  the parts of the butterfly including the wings, legs and proboscis (straw like tongue) until finally we had to release them 20 days after their arrival.

Boy using magniflying glass to look at butterflies. Drawing the butterflys they see Looking at caterpillars.

Young Athletes Event cancelled today – May 11

Our Young Athletes Culminating Event and Unified Sports Day scheduled for Friday, May 11, at Eisenhower has been cancelled due to the weather.

ELC Parent Survey

We appreciate your feedback. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey below and return to your child’s classroom teacher by May 31st. Thank you!
Nosotros apreciamos sus respuestas. Por favor tome un minuto para completar esta encuesta y regrésela a la maestra de su estudiante antes del 31 de mayo. ¡Gracias!

Curious Minds in Room 101

Students noticed a couple of ducks in the easement outside our classroom.  We discussed the differences in the ducks.  Pointing out that male Mallard ducks have a green head and the female is brown, explaining that the brown color helps the female blend into her surroundings when she sits on her nest of eggs.  She is camouflaged from other animals.
 Students looking at ducks
We introduced the caterpillars to the class.  The students were very curious and excited about the new additions.   Some students made predictions about the caterpillars changing in to butterflies, while others were questioning the green mush at the bottom of the container and how it looked “yucky”.    We will be using the scientific term, metamorphosis, as we learn and review the physical
changes the caterpillars will go through over the next few weeks.
Students looking at caterpillars

Fun Fair Smiles

Check out the face paintings that sprouts got at the Fun Fair on Friday. So many smiling faces!

Boys face painted like a tiger. Girl with pink fairy face painting Girl with red bow and hearts painted on her face

The ELC is recognized

We are excited to share that the Early Learning Center has been recognized by the Early Childhood (EC) Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) Stakeholders Consortium, Early CHOICES and the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) for achieving Outstanding Practices in Inclusion recognition.  This is our FOURTH Award of  Excellence!
Our program met both the Illinois Inclusion Guidelines and the Inclusive Classroom Profile requirements.  “This recognition demonstrates our program’s successful implementation of high-quality programming of inclusive practices for preschool age children.”
Each and every one of our staff members is committed to their work, our students and our families.  We are so proud of our ELC staff!
ELC Staff

Jungle Fun

Check out the super sprouts in Ms. Ania’s room exploring jungle animals. Sprouts enjoy wearing the animal masks, reading jungle books, and playing with jungle puppets.

Little girl holding a hippo puppet Little girl wearing a hippo mark Little boy wearing lion mask Little girl reading jungle book Wearing a lion mask

ABC Countdown Starts Monday April 23rd

Dear Families,

Our classroom is counting down to the end of the year using the ABC’s.  We will be starting on Monday, April 23 with the letter A and move on from there.  Below you will find our countdown and the focus for the day.  Please check each day to see what your child may need.  Can you believe there are only just over 26 school days left until the end of the year??? We can’t wait for the countdown to begin!

Animal Day   Monday, April 23rd

Bring your favorite stuffed animal to school

Beach Day   Tuesday, April 24th

Wear your beach clothes and sunglasses and bring a towel to go outside for story time.

Cookie Cutter Day   Wednesday, April 25th

We will be using all types of cookie cutters and playing with play dough.

Donation Day   Thursday, April 26th

Bring a non-perishable food item to donate to the Schaumburg Township Food Pantry.

Exercise Day   Friday, April 27th

Wear comfortable clothes (i.e. sweatpants, leggings, sweatshirts, t-shirts, etc.) because we will be exercising!

Fingerpaint Day   Monday, April 30th

          We will be fingerpainting!

Green Day   Tuesday, May 1st

Wear green today!

Hat Day   Thursday, May 3rd

Wear a hat to school today.

Inside Out Day   Friday, May 4th

Wear your clothes inside out today. Please keep the underwear on the inside J!

Jersey/Jeans Day   Monday, May 7th

Wear a sport jersey and/or jeans

King Day   Tuesday, May 8th

Wear royal blue today for King Day. The boys will also be making crowns at school to wear today.

Limbo Day   Wednesday, May 9th

We will be learning how to limbo today.

Mismatch Day   Thursday, May 10th

Wear mismatched clothing to school today!

Necklace or Necktie/ Nice and Clean Day   Monday, May 14th

Wear a necklace or necktie to school today.

We will fill sensory bins with soap and water to clean our toys.

Obstacle Course Day   Tuesday, May 15th

We will have obstacle courses set up today.

Pete the Cat Day   Wednesday, May 16th

We will be reading our favorite Pete the Cat book and doing a fun Pete activity.

Queen Day   Thursday, May 17th

Wear royal purple today. The girls will also be making crowns at school to wear today.

Red Day   Friday, May 18th

          Wear red today!

Superhero Day   Monday, May 21st

Wear your superhero gear!

Ten (10) Day   Tuesday, May 22nd

          Have your child bring ten small non-food items in a plastic bag with their name on it to show their friends!

Upside Down/Backwards Day   Wednesday, May 23rd

Wear your clothes backwards for the day our classroom gets turned upside down!

Video Dance Party   Thursday, May 24th

We will be dancing and watching dance videos!

Water Day   Friday, May 25th

We will be bringing water tables and other water toys and games outside today. Please bring your bathing suit and towel (be sure names are on both items).  We will be outside for a large portion of the day, so apply sunscreen before you come to school.

X Marks the Spot Day   Tuesday, May 29th

We are going on a treasure hunt today!

Yellow Day   Wednesday, May 30th

Wear yellow today!

Zip Up Your Backpack and Zoom Home Day   Thursday, May 31st

Today is the last day of school! Have a great summer! J